The scene begins with a young woman entering a grocery store. She's wearing tight jeans and a low-cut top, showing off her cleavage. He walks down the hallway looking for what he needs. Suddenly he sees a man standing nearby, watching his every move. The man approaches her and tries to start a conversation. But the woman is not interested in his chatter. He continues shopping and tries to ignore it. But the man persists, following her around the store and trying to get her attention. In the end the woman can't take it anymore. He turns to the man and says: What do you want? The man smiles and replies, “I want your pussy.” The woman scoffs and walks away, but the man catches up to her and grabs her arm. Let me go! he screams, struggling to free himself. But the man holds her and drags her into a dark alley behind the shop. The woman fights to escape, but the man is too strong. He pushes her against a wall and pulls down her pants, revealing her bare butt. The woman screams in protest, but the man ignores her. He reaches into his pocket, pulls out a condom and tears it open with his teeth. The man grabs the woman's ass, slides the condom in and pushes it deep into her pussy. The woman screams and struggles, trying to pull him out. But the man holds her tight and enjoys the feeling of her tight pussy around his cock. The man continues to fuck the woman, slamming her against the wall and pulling her hair. The woman screams and asks for help, but no one is there to hear her. The man keeps fucking her, harder and harder until he orgasms and shoots his cum deep into her pussy. The woman screams and screams in pain and tries to remove the condom. But the man holds her tight and enjoys the feeling of her tight pussy around his cock. The scene ends with the woman still struggling to escape, but the man is nowhere to be seen. Title: Shoplifting

Duration: 21:28

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