Throwing The Delivery Girl Into A Wild Ride Of Lust And Desire

The clock strikes midnight, and the streets are empty save for one lone delivery girl. Her name is Linda, and she's been working late to fulfill an order. She parks her bike outside an apartment complex, her back aching from the long day. The lights in the building are out, and the hallways are eerily silent. Linda knocks on a door, and a deep voice echoes behind it, beckoning her inside. As she steps inside, her eyes adjust to the darkness, framed artwork and luxurious furnishings adorning the room. A candle flickers in the corner, casting dancing shadows across the walls. The man who owns the apartment emerges from the shadows, and Linda gasps at his rugged good looks. He's much younger than she expected, a chiseled Adonis with a wicked grin that sends shivers down her spine. Before she knows it, Linda is pinned against the wall, her slender legs parted as the man's strong hands explore her taut body. He tears away her clothes, exposing swollen nipples and a trimmed pussy, and his tongue dips down to lap at her wet slit. Linda moans as his mouth works her over, her fingers tangling in his hair. He rises again, and his erect cock bobs between them, hard and slick with precum. Linda sucks him off with abandon, her lips and tongue working in tandem to drive him wild. Finally, he slides his length into her, his thick girth stretching her pussy wide. Linda gasps as he fills her, her walls clenching around him. His hips smack against her ass, driving them both closer to orgasm, and with a final thrust, they both cum, their bodies shuddering as they ride the waves of pleasure. The man collapses against her, both of them panting heavily.

Duration: 28:32

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